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We are all surrounded by lasers every day - they are in our CD players, barcode scanners, and laser pointers. But did you know that high powered lasers can be used as a therapy tool? 

Back in 2017, I invested in a top of the range Class 4 medical therapy laser, and wow, what a great investment it's turned out to be!  

Lasers can be useful for simple tasks such as helping to warm up tissues, through to helping with injury repair, pain relief, inflammation, and swelling. 

Here's a video explaining the technical side of how lasers work.....

Conditions and indications for laser use: 


Joint pain (Necks, backs, shoulders, knees)

Sprains and strains


Pain control 


Tennis/Golfers Elbow

Muscle injury

Ligament injury

Pre and post event muscle management and performance maintenance. 

Repetitive movement issues - such as pain in the hands or arms from hours spent playing musical instruments, or even from knitting!

There are some contraindications to using the laser, but these will be fully explained to you, and you will need to sign a consent form. I ask all patients to wear laser safety specs, and treatment is non-invasive and usually painless. Laser therapy is delivered by a roller-ball hand piece allowing for massage and tissue compression at the time of delivery if this is appropriate.  Usually patients just feel a soothing warm massage-type sensation. 

I use laser and massage side by side, and often recommend other techniques or professionals where appropriate. These may include Physiotherapy - for more complex issues or core strengthening, Chiropractic for alignment issues, and the Alexander Technique for acting or musical people looking to improve performance and breathing.  


Laser fits in alongside sports massage perfectly, and can help maximise the results we can get from treatment.